Advanced Tax Strategies

Floor Offset and Cash Balance Retirement Plans

Floor Offset and Cash Balance Retirement Plans provide an opportunity for Business Owners to skew additional retirement benefits for themselves while providing a minimal 401(k) Profit Sharing benefit for their employees.  These plans are custom designed plans to meet the specific retirement goals for high earning business professionals.

1031 Exchanges

When engaged in the sale of highly appreciated investment Real Estate assets, a 1031 Exchange allows a Real Estate investor the ability to rollover the Capital Gains into another investment property and avoid paying any taxes on the sale of that property.  But when the management of the investment property becomes burdensome, there is the availability for professionally managed real estate portfolio’s that pay attractive dividend income with minimal oversight needed by the investor.  In addition, they can provide preferential depreciation options with future tax filings to reduce the taxation of the dividend income.

Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOZF)

A Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund helps eliminate the Capital Gains on highly appreciated investments.  QOZF’s are investment pools that are intended to encourage investments in lower-income communities across the U.S., principally designed to provide certain tax incentives for investors in return for committing to a long-term capital investment in these communities. As part of the tax incentive for these programs, investors can take the Capital Gains realized for federal income tax purposes from highly appreciated Investment Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Options, Hedge Funds, Primary and Secondary Residence, Businesses, Machinery, Land, Livestock, Art, Wine and Automobiles, rolling these gains into the QOZF, and as long as the gains are held in the fund for at least 10 years, the Capital Gains are eliminated.  In addition, the QOZF can generate an attractive annualized return over the 10 year holding period.

For all Advanced Tax Strategies, you should consult with your personal tax consultant to determine if these are appropriate for your personal tax planning needs and goals.  Investment returns are not guaranteed and can lose money.