Financial Planning for Individuals & Families

Building Your Investments

In today’s world, measuring and understanding risk is paramount when growing your wealth. Comprehensive Financial’s wealth management strategies go beyond the routine buying and selling Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, or Mutual Funds. We provide customizable Strategic Allocation and Tactical Investment programs that can help reduce risk and potentially maximize returns.

Planning for Retirement

The biggest challenge facing retirees in the coming decades is to make sure they have sufficient income to enjoy the many fruits of their labor. Comprehensive Financial is a leading retirement consulting firm specializing in creative solutions for individuals and small to mid-sized companies that help maximize benefits, reduce costs, and help people reach their goals. We’ll help you select the best 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, Deferred Compensation, Traditional, Roth or Simple-IRA plan that meets your needs and dreams for retirement.

Protecting Your Family

A person’s life can take many turns. Some expected, some not. When you are faced with one of life’s many challenges, Comprehensive Financial will make sure you have the right disability and life insurance coverage to protect and provide for your most valuable assets, you and your family. As an independent insurance brokerage, Comprehensive Financial can provide you with a wide array of cost-effective insurance products from top rated companies to help plan for life’s unexpected events.

Wealth Management

Managing Risk and Market Volatility are some of the most challenging aspects of wealth management. Consideration must be given to the time horizon for the investment – long-term vs. short-term, market conditions, diversification and quantifying risks vs. potential rewards. Every investor is different and should have a strategy that is customized to their individual needs and goals to withstand the risks and volatility that are always present in the markets. As independent advisors to our clients, we consider all these factors when constructing an investment strategy providing a balanced approach for the potential gains and also to protect the assets when conditions are not as favorable. The ultimate goal is to provide a personal rate of return for the client that allows them the opportunity to enjoy the more important aspects of their life.