Financial Planning for Business Owners
Servicing Businesses Nationally

Comprehensive Financial Benefits in partnership with My Benefits Advisor, is Insurance licensed in nearly all states across our country with nine customer service and operations offices spanning from New York to California. We provide convenience for our clients with employees in multi-state locations.

Benefit Consulting in today’s compliance heavy environment must go beyond the basic presentation of rates and benefits. We provide strategies around contributions, voluntary offerings, and employee communications as an integral part of the process to make sure employers satisfy all their legal obligations around Healthcare Reform and ERISA.  We have on staff Licensed Insurance & Investment Specialists, ERISA Attorneys and Human Resource Professionals that will coordinate a successful employee benefits program for our clients that will best service the needs of their employees while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Setting You Up For Success

Financial Planning is the ongoing process to help make sensible decisions about money and managing risks based on a review of an individual’s goals and objectives to structure a plan for their success. The many factors that can influence this process can range from income, assets, liabilities, insurance, health factors, number of dependents, occupation and business ownership to name a few. The rewards for proper planning can be immeasurable so a person can clearly define their future by meeting their goals and objectives.