Financial Planning Payment Details

Financial Planning & Wealth Management Payment Details

Do you have specific goals and objectives you are working toward?

A Comprehensive Financial Plan is a broad based, ongoing engagement that covers all areas of a person’s financial wellbeing, including:

                                • Savings
                                • Investments
                                • Retirement
                                • Taxes
                                • Insurance
                                • Estate & Legacy Planning

This type of engagement requires the monitoring of each of these areas to insure their implementation for the overall Goals and Objectives identified during the planning process. The following shows how our payment process is structured:

  1. Introductory Consultation: The first step in the financial planning process is to schedule a consultation. This allows us to understand your unique financial goals, challenges, and aspirations and comes at no cost to you. 
  2. Initial Deposit: Following the complimentary consultation, a $600 deposit is required if you choose to proceed with the financial planning process. This will cover the preliminary cost of developing a comprehensive and customized plan. The deposit secures your place in our schedule, allowing our registered financial advisors to dedicate the necessary time and resources to thoroughly analyze your financial situation.
  3. Final Initial Payment: Upon completion and delivery of your financial plan, an additional payment of $1,200 will be required. This ensures that you only pay the full amount once you have received the detailed plan tailored to your unique financial goals. 
  4. Retainer Fee: To insure the ongoing implementation, monitoring and success of the Financial Plan and any changes or adjustments needed over time, a retainer provides the client with unlimited access to our team of Certified Financial Planners. $150/Month or $1,200/Year.

This phased payment structure aligns our incentives with delivering high-quality, personalized service and ensures transparency and trust throughout the financial planning process.

Wealth Management

At Comprehensive Financial, we have access to over 100 of the top investment management programs in the country. Depending on the need for professional management of your investments, the managers charge a fee based on the amount of assets under management. This type of program provides the client with the most flexibility as there is never any additional fees for trading within the account and it can be cancelled at any time without a penalty.

Asset Management Fees